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Your Residential Electrician

Your Residential Electrician

Residential electricians are highly trained technicians that understand exactly how to safely, responsibly, and quickly install, upgrade, replace, or repair the electrical wiring that runs throughout homes clear across Australia – and the rest of the world, for that matter.

Becoming a licensed residential electrician in Australia is a long and challenging process, but it’s long and challenging on purpose. Anytime you’re talking about the professionals tasked with making sure that our power systems are working the way they should – and that they are safe and effective – you want to be sure that the right people are on the job.

Our expert residential electricians have access to all the tools, latest technology, and training necessary to deploy top-tier services to homes throughout our local community and beyond.

What does a residential electrical service include?

Residential electrical services can include a variety of different projects, with some of the most common residential electrical services being:

  • Upgrading outdated and potentially unsafe electrical wiring throughout a home
  • Adding new electrical systems, outlets, and lighting technology to new construction or renovated construction
  • Switching homes to high-efficiency electrical systems and lighting
  • Adding solar and other green energy solutions to pre-existing electrical set ups

… And that’s just begins to scratch the surface of what our residential electrical services can entail.

How often should you check a residential electrical system?

Homeowners that want to make sure their residential electrical system is working perfectly are recommended to inspect their system on a 3 to 5 year basis.

Some homeowners elect to inspect their electrical system more frequently than that, with many choosing to inspect their electrical infrastructure on an annual basis when conducting other homeowner maintenance and inspections. Others still do not check their electrical infrastructure at all unless there are obvious issues or signs of damage. This is not a recommended approach.

If you’d like to have your electrical infrastructure inspected, don’t hesitate to contact us here at NBM Electrical at your earliest convenience. We will be able to dispatch trained professionals to your home for a top to bottom inspection that gives you peace of mind going forward, but also allows you to get out in front of potential electrical issues before they become electrical emergencies.

Are there different types of electricity used in different homes?

The standard form of electricity found throughout homes in Australia is a 230 V charge operating at a 50 Hz frequency, though this electricity can be provided to the home in a number of different ways.

86% of electricity that gets directed to homes in Australia is powered by electricity plants consuming fossil fuels, with 73% of those electricity plants using coal and another 13% using natural gas. Renewable energy is responsible for the remaining 14% of Australia’s energy consumption needs.

More and more homeowners in Australia are choosing to move forward with green energy sources. Some are choosing to supplement their electricity needs with solar energy systems and others are looking for “net zero” solutions that allow them to disconnect from the grid entirely and maintain self-sufficiency from an electrical power standpoint.

Call NBM Electrical today and we will talk you through the process of servicing your residential home. You can be reassured that you will receive the highest quality service and customer satisfaction when you work with us.