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NBM Electrical Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting, when done intelligently, can completely transform your outdoor spaces almost immediately.

Not only do you dramatically improve the utility of your outdoor spaces (you can finally use outdoor living spaces after the sun goes down), but you also boost the safety and the aesthetic appeal of your home and property with proper landscape lighting.

There’s nothing better than strategically placing lights throughout your landscape, creating well lit walkways, safety and security lights, and ambiance lights that transform otherwise boring and dull outdoor spaces into something really fun and exciting – ideal for entertaining.

What are the best lights for outdoors?

The overwhelming majority of professionally installed landscape lighting today is going to be low voltage lighting systems, systems that are a lot safer to work with and a lot less expensive to install as well.

And while low-voltage lighting uses just 1/10 of the power that traditional lighting uses it is ideally suited for use with LED technology, and combining two elements gives you a myriad of landscape lighting options without having to blow up your budget or chew through electricity on a monthly basis.

LED floodlights, LED accent lights, LED solar powered lights, and other lighting options barely begins to scratch the surface of the lighting choices you have available to you when planning out your landscape lighting.

How much does it cost for landscape lighting?

It’s difficult to pin down exactly how much your landscape lighting may cause going forward, if only because the specifics of your project will dictate your final price tag, but as a general rule homeowners in Australia can expect to spend between $3500 and $4500 to fully outfit the “average” landscape light project.

This usually is good for about 20 individual LED lights to be installed throughout your property as well as half a dozen or more outdoor outlets as well.

For the exact price, contact NBM Electrical today and we will provide you with an exact quote for your landscape lighting.

What kind of wire is used for landscape lights?

A variety of different wiring options can be selected for landscape lights, but the overwhelming majority of them are going to be 10/12/14/16 gauge wires – with 12 gauge and 10 gauge wires being the most common choice for longer runs and stretches.

As we highlighted above, the overwhelming majority of landscape lights are going to be running off of low-voltage electrical power. These wires are going to be rated for low-voltage systems, but they’ll have plenty of “buffer” to protect your system at the same time.

On top of that, all landscape lighting wires specifically designed to either be buried into the ground or are completely protected from everything that the outdoor elements may throw at you.

Do indoor and outdoor spaces require different lighting?

Indoor and outdoor spaces require different lighting, not only in the technology that you’ll want to take advantage of to deploy proper landscape lighting but also in the strategic placement of these lights as well.

Indoors you have more opportunity to bounce and reflect the light sources that you install. Outdoors things are much more open and you have to be a lot more focused about how you deploy your landscape lighting.

Are you looking to enhance the overall presence of your backyard?, Or maybe you want to opt for more of a solar powered lighting option? At NBM Electrical we know everything lighting, contact us today and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with your lighting needs.