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When our experience electricians are called upon to deliver lighting services our clients may be expecting a myriad of different results. We are able to provide residential, commercial, and industrial services thanks to the experience, tools, and training that our electricians are able to deploy – and that means that our lighting services are almost endless.

Whether you’re looking to come up with a completely new lighting plan for your home, office, or industrial facility, just want to update your lighting to new modern standards (like with LED technology), want to move, maneuver, or replace old and outdated lighting, or something else entirely we want you to know that we here at NBM Electrical can help.

How does lighting affect the appearance of a home?

The lighting plan and technology you choose for your home is going to affect quite literally every aspect of the interior space.

Proper lighting can make one space feel warm and inviting, another feel cold and clinical, and another still feel dark, dingy, and anything but welcoming. With the right lighting choices – lighting choices that you have complete control over at all times – you’ll be able to transform your property into the kind of space that always feels “just right”.

What are the different types of lighting?

The amount of lighting technology available on the market today is almost endless, but the industry is definitely dominated by a handful of technologies – with LED technology being the most popular of the bunch right now by far.

LED technology is efficient, will not run hot the way that other lights may, and has a durability and longevity that a lot of other lighting solutions do not.

Incandescent light bulbs remain popular because of the soft glow that they provide interior spaces, and these were the “gold standard” for years and years until LED lighting technology really started to exploded in popularity.

Florescent lighting is most commonly used in industrial settings or commercial applications because of its ultra bright and even lighting properties. Most find that it is far too harsh for home or residential applications, but when you want plenty of light – bright light – especially to work with it’s tough to imagine anything better than florescent.

What is the recommended lighting option?

As far as the recommended lighting options are concerned it will always depend on the application and how you plan to leverage these lights, but it’s tough to beat LED technology.

LED technology today is incredibly advanced, flexible, and adaptable – as well as maybe the most energy efficient lighting source money can buy. The incredible thing about LED technology is that it will continue to improve in the future. It’s not unreasonable to imagine that the LED lighting 10 or 20 years from now will be light years ahead of LED lighting technology today.

Are different lights used for commercial and residential locations?


As we highlighted above, softer light (LED and incandescent light in particular) is usually much better suited to a residential application compared to harsher light – or brighter light – like you get from a florescent set up.

Obviously you can mix and match different lighting technologies as necessary (there’s no hard and fast rules to commercial lighting or residential lighting), but the overwhelming majority of people trend towards the common applications we highlighted above.

If you’re interested in a whole new lighting plan for your home or just want to update your lighting to new modern standards call NBM Electrical today! Our professionals have to required experience and latest technology to ensure your lights complement your space.